Vandana Shiva , Jeremy Seifert and others fighting against GMO

-GMO foods or transgenic foods
-Combining 2 different orgasnisms like Virus in the soil with corn

-Gmo plants are round up resistant.
-Round up(Monasanto pesticide) Kills everything except the gmo plant


100% organic

-The quest to find GMO free foods is quite a challenge.
-We know how to identify  legume family of food that are not processed.

-The trick is to identify processed foods such flour or pumpkin Seed where the coat has been removed.
Non-GMO Shopping Guide
This is a pdf file.

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non gmo foods list 2012


Supposedly it is being done to preserve and save the atmosphere.

If you go to google images and type in the words
You will see that it is for real and it has nothing to do with conspiracy.

Orgonite is supposed to counter the effects of chemtrails, gmo foods,electro magnetic pollution.
I have made one however there isn’t any conclusive evidence that it really works.
It has the effect of a pyramid.


Earthship W.O.M. Water Orgaization Module, Do-It-Yourself, A must have for the Preppers

Published on 2 Sep 2012

This is a water filter for filtering dirty,undrinkable water into clean pure potable water. It is a 12 volt system that will run off solar power. I will list below some of the things needed to build this.

1 36″ 55watt uv sterilizer (h20 splash, seller on e-bay)
1 12 volt shurflo 5.7 smart sensor pump
1 Rusco 1.5” ,spin down filter ,60mesh stainless steel (fire mountain solar llc)
1 Rusco 1.5” spin down filter 200 mesh stainless steel
1 Rusco 1.5” spin down filter 1000 mesh plastic
1 Rio 2000 High flow ceramic filter
4 1/2” Stailess steel female thread ball valve
1 Square-D pressure switch 30psi on 50psi off
5 Iron, floor base plates ( for making mounting hardware, you will also need 5-1/2” ”close” pipe thread and a 3/4” slip ”T” with one side 1/2” female threads. This will allow you to make a support to snap onto the pvc pipe and hold everything to your mounting board. You will have to cut out a section of the “T” so it will snap onto the pvc. I hope that makes sense.
1 10′ schedule 40 3/4” pvc and a sharp saw and miter box,(must have straight, de- burred cuts on pvc and keep everything clean for glueing.

And a whole bunch of fittings, I guess that if you are going to build your own the fittings used may vary so i wont name them all.

Monsanto wants total control, covers up grave GMO dangers

– To put it in simpler terms GM foods leave toxins inside of us and that in turn causes all kinds of problem.
– Starting from simple things like allergies to cancer.
– As years go on these toxins that are inside of us accumulate and the problem grows.
– These chemical companies tell you not worry,just have a nice day.