Published on 2 Sep 2012

This is a water filter for filtering dirty,undrinkable water into clean pure potable water. It is a 12 volt system that will run off solar power. I will list below some of the things needed to build this.

1 36″ 55watt uv sterilizer (h20 splash, seller on e-bay)
1 12 volt shurflo 5.7 smart sensor pump
1 Rusco 1.5” ,spin down filter ,60mesh stainless steel (fire mountain solar llc)
1 Rusco 1.5” spin down filter 200 mesh stainless steel
1 Rusco 1.5” spin down filter 1000 mesh plastic
1 Rio 2000 High flow ceramic filter
4 1/2” Stailess steel female thread ball valve
1 Square-D pressure switch 30psi on 50psi off
5 Iron, floor base plates ( for making mounting hardware, you will also need 5-1/2” ”close” pipe thread and a 3/4” slip ”T” with one side 1/2” female threads. This will allow you to make a support to snap onto the pvc pipe and hold everything to your mounting board. You will have to cut out a section of the “T” so it will snap onto the pvc. I hope that makes sense.
1 10′ schedule 40 3/4” pvc and a sharp saw and miter box,(must have straight, de- burred cuts on pvc and keep everything clean for glueing.

And a whole bunch of fittings, I guess that if you are going to build your own the fittings used may vary so i wont name them all.